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Durable solutions to protect and repair your foundation walls and eliminate foundation cracks. We take care of all corrective work related to foundation problems and other necessary repairs to the French drain.


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We combine our know-how with the most advanced technologies available to achieve quality and durable work. Our foundation experts in Montreal have all the certifications required to perform your residential and commercial work. 

Whether it’s structural or other types of cracks, foundation repair is nothing new for the Groupe Durasec team!

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Our products

The products offered by Groupe Durasec meet the highest industry standards and are effective in repairing your foundation walls to prevent water infiltration and various types of cracks.

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Rub-R-Wall membrane

A unique foundation waterproofing technology offering protection from moisture and infiltration for more than 100 years. No more cracks in your foundation!

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Foundation without a protective membrane

Foundation moisture content

50% - 60%

No protection:

  • Against cracks in the foundation
  • Against water infiltration
  • Against mould and mildew
  • Against the loss of heat or coolness
  • Against concrete efflorescence

Foundation with the Rub-R-Wall membrane

Foundation moisture content

30% - 40% (optimal)

COMPLETE protection:

  • Against water infiltration through cracks
  • Against moisture between the ground and the foundation
  • Against the development of mould and mildew
  • Against the loss of heat or coolness
  • Against concrete efflorescence
  • Against condensation and frost between the membrane and the foundation

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About Groupe Durasec

When waterproofing or correcting your foundation walls, it’s important to call on a specialized company you can trust.


The challenges faced when protecting and repairing foundation cracks call for reliable solutions. At Groupe Durasec, we choose proven products and provide you with our experienced and meticulous team.


We believe it’s crucial to think long term. That’s why we favor products known for their longevity and durability so that your purchase represents an investment for both the present and the future.


With our team of foundation contractors in Montreal, you’ll enjoy peace of mind. We take a personalized approach to determine which product will best perform based on your specific situation. Customer satisfaction is our only priority.


Our wide range of products is safe for the environment and is considerably more durable than the other methods and products available on the market. You can trust the foundation repair specialists at Groupe Durasec!

Our certifications and warranties

Choosing Durasec Group for the execution and implementation of your projects ensures a lasting result that meets your expectations.