The most common house foundation problems

For most homeowners, the age of their home and the renovations to be done can become a real source of stress. Several problems can arise when your property is over 30 years old.

Foundation problems can occur frequently. The weight of your house is supported by this structure. Many unpredictable issues can arise and it’s important to be prepared to deal with them. The following article cites the main problems homeowners usually face with their home’s foundation.

Foundations: The Most Common Problems

Cracks in the concrete

Cracks are one of the most common issues faced by homeowners. Depending on their dimensions, size and location, some are more urgent to repair than others.

However, they must be taken seriously as soon as possible. Horizontal cracks, small cracks, and even hairline cracks can cause serious foundation damage. Water infiltration, mold and excessive moisture are problems that can quickly arise if this situation is not solved. Significant costs can be related not only to the work to be done, but also to the replacement of your belongings inside the property.


Efflorescence is a disturbing phenomenon, but not urgent. Rings form on the concrete slabs of the foundation walls. This is a problem that is easily managed with a brush and water.

If the white circles come back frequently on exterior walls, it would be best to consult a professional who will be able to advise you better.

Foundation Settlement

Old houses settle with time and the repercussions can be felt after a while. Here are some examples of issues that can provide an indication of foundation settlement.

  • Door frames and window frames don’t close as well as they used to, or not at all;
  • Cracks appear and grow in the wall;
  • The floors are no longer level.

By noticing these signs of foundation problems, you can assess the condition of your home and bring in specialists to replace your foundation. They will be able to offer an accurate estimate to ensure the completion of the work needed.

Water Seepage

Water infiltration is a sign of foundation problems that should not be taken lightly. It indicates that your foundations are old and due to be changed. Often, visible foundation cracks are the cause of this problem.


Pyrite is an ore composed of iron and sulfide, which is often found in the concrete used for the foundations of older properties. This ore is nothing to worry about, but when it comes into contact with water and air, real damage can occur.

For pyrite work, choosing a company with this expertise is clearly preferable.


In clay soil, where there is presence of air and water, mold can form. It’s important to be extremely careful as they release particles that can cause coughing, difficulty breathing, irritate the eyes and many other allergic reactions. Caution is in order. Calling on specialized companies is a good reflex to ensure the safety of your family.

If this problem is not resolved quickly, mold can make your home uninhabitable, in addition to causing health problems for your loved ones and yourself.

Rub-R-Wall: Eliminates Risk

The Rub-R-Wall membrane is the ideal solution to protect your foundations from all these risks. The results offered by this membrane are superior to any other process available on the market. Its lifespan and efficiency are unmatched. Laboratory tested, it remains flexible and extensible, in addition to ensuring optimal adhesion for a minimum of 100 years.

Rub-R-Wall rubber membrane is applied by using a spray that is 100% waterproof and ensures outstanding grip. 

The Rub-R-Wall membrane is environmentally friendly. It eliminates any risk of mold and water infiltration. Humidity and temperature control in your basement is ensured. Your heating and cooling costs will therefore be reduced.

Opting for this solution means choosing peace of mind and ensuring a sustainable future for your property!

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