L’importance des travaux de plomberie

Are you looking to minimize the risk of flooding? By choosing Groupe Durasec for your plumbing services, you will avoid multiple problems. As a residential or commercial building owner, you are aware that a flood can easily lead to a major disaster. This situation can generate significant financial losses. 

In this article, you will learn how two plumbing systems can dramatically reduce the risk of flooding in your building. When they are functional, they decrease the financial and material consequences that can arise. 

Preferred solutions

We offer two solutions to prevent water accumulation. Thanks to our experience and knowledge in foundation waterproofing. We guarantee that the work will be done properly and effectively to protect your property against flooding.  

We understand that due to temperature fluctuations in Quebec, floods and water accumulations are common. Thawing, heavy rainfall, construction on the waterfront and the amount of water in the soil are the main causes of this issue. 

Therefore, the installation of catch basins or outdoor pumping stations is necessary to secure your basements.

Catch basins 

Directing the accumulated water from the drain to an indoor or outdoor basin is essential. The catch basin contains a mechanical system – called a pump – that collects this water and allows the waste water to flow to the exit. The sealing of the cover greatly reduces the humidity that escapes from the tank. 

By using Groupe Durasec services for the installation of this sanitary device, you will minimize the risk of flooding. You will avoid the damage  of your foundations, the development of mold, bad odors and health problems.

Outdoor pumping station

Please note that an interior drainage service is highly recommended. In some situations, this option is not available. The layout of the washroom or the basement design may prevent this interior access. 

In this case, an outdoor pumping station is installed. Made of concrete or plastic, this system is installed deep in the ground to avoid freezing. Inside the station, a pump and an alarm are installed to quickly signal any plumbing problems. 

Choose Rub-R-Wall for waterproofing

Waterproofing your foundation is crucial to eliminate the risk of flooding. 

The Rub-R-Wall membrane keeps your property dry and insulated. All potential problems are avoided. It has been laboratory tested and has a lifespan of over 100 years. This technique is far more durable and effective than tar. 

When you choose Durasec plumbing experts for all your plumbing issues. You will gain peace of mind and won’t have to worry in the future ! Our expertise in this field is unmatched. This is why we ensure the protection of your home to avoid unexpected expenses.

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