The products offered
by Groupe Durasec

Our products meet the highest standards in the industry and allow us to offer you an accurate, and impeccable service.

Our products

Our products meet the highest standards in the industry


Our team of experts takes the time to choose products that are proven to help you overcome the protection and repair of foundation walls. These are reliable and efficient solutions for you.


Since we are considering the needs of our customers at all times, we select products that are recognized for their quality as well as their durability. We think for the long term, so that your purchase is a real investment.


We offer you a fully personalized service, which is why we determine the products that are the most efficient according to your needs and your situation. Our team will give you peace of mind, this is our priority!


A selection of products that are safe for the environment and that are more durable than other processes currently available on the market, this is what Durasec offers you! Trust our teams of foundation experts.


We combine our expertise with the best technology
to produce high-quality, durable solutions

In order to provide you with superior quality projects, we focus on:

Constantly searching for the best products available on the market
Developing new and ever-better processes and techniques
Continually acquiring and learning new techniques and know-how
A service entirely offered by our specialized teams
Long-term warranties on our products as well as our services