Alpha Track radon test

The Alpha Track radon detector is the ideal device for measuring the actual amount of becquerels per cubic metre found in your basement

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It consists of a strip of plastic lodged inside a case that measures the number of impacts produced by the radon, thereby allowing us to determine in the laboratory the amount of becquerels to which you’re being exposed. (The lab sampling is included in the cost of the device. Only the shipping charges are not included.)

The expertise (laboratory) is conducted in the United States since there is currently no laboratory of this kind in Canada.

With this expertise, you’ll have to make a decision about reducing the radon coming into your home. The Canadian standard is now set at 200 becquerels per cubic metre. For our American neighbours (who made the discovery), it is 80 becquerels per cubic metre, while the European standard is 100 becquerels per cubic metre.

When this adventure of radon discovery began, the Canadian standard was 800 becquerels per cubic metre. A clear trend is being observed whereby governments are reducing their standard levels because of radon’s harmful effects on people’s health.

At Groupe Durasec, we follow what Health Canada has established, namely 200 becquerels per cubic metre, but we’re aiming for a goal that’s as close to zero as possible, even though the complete absence of radon gas is impossible.

We support you in whatever steps you take following a negative or positive test result, by installing a system that will ensure your protection.

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