Geo-wrap Drainage Board

The geo-wrap drainage board is the key to protecting the Rub-R-Wall membrane and directing water towards the french drain at your home. The two go hand in hand!

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Un travailleur déroule une membrane géotextile sur une fondation imperméabilisée
What is Geo-wrap?

It’s a roll of polypropylene consisting of two distinct sides: a smooth one that is placed on the wall side and a honeycomb-style one made of geotextile that is placed on the ground side. With Geo-Wrap, your foundation wall no longer comes in contact with the ground. The risks of infiltration and moisture in your basement are then considerably lower.

Travailleur clouant une membrane sur un mur en béton à l'aide d'un pistolet à clou
Its features :
  • Provides an extra physical barrier against strong hydraulic pressure.
  • Improves runoff water drainage along foundation walls.
  • Can be installed just as well on concrete walls, concrete blocks, or insulating formwork.
Travailleur clouant une membrane sur une fondation en béton imperméabilisée à l'aide d'un pistolet à clou
The Durasec solution for optimal tightness

To ensure that your foundation walls have maximal impermeability and improve the comfort of your basement, the ideal solution–one guaranteed for the full life of your home–is to combine the Geo-Wrap with the Rub-R-Wall waterproofing membrane.

Because the Rub-R-Wall membrane is elastic, it keeps your foundations waterproof even if your foundation walls have cracks up to 1/8” wide and even if your concrete is crumbling

The Geo-Wrap protects the Rub-R-Wall membrane against any risk of damage coming from the soil

Your foundation walls stay dry, nothing can penetrate them, and the drainage of runoff water to the French drain is improved.

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