Rub-R-Wall waterproofing membrane for showers

This membrane offers complete waterproofing to your property and has a lifespan of 100 years. enough to have peace of mind for a long time!

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Rub-R-Wall Aqua protection membrane

Rub-R-Wall AquaMC Protection is a rubberlike, water-based membrane. It can be applied using a pump or a brush.

Once the water is removed following the curing, this polymer membrane forms into rubber. It can be affixed to all kinds of solid, dry, and porous materials, such as wood, metal, and gypsum.

The application temperature must be higher than 4.5°C.

Pulvérisateur de membrane élastique verte

The different possible applications:

  • Ceramic membrane for showers
  • Membrane for RV floors
  • Membrane for deck underneath
  • Membrane for foundations
  • Membrane for soundproofing and protection of concrete slabs (condo)
  • Radon gas reduction membrane
  • Tanking membrane
  • Etc.

Available in sizes of 4L and 20L

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