Slim-line underlay membrane

The slim line membrane is specifically designed to contain moisture (vapour barrier) at the level of the concrete slab and reduce the impact of radon gas.

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Une personne déroule un rouleau de membrane imperméable sur un sol en gravelle

The slim line membrane is the durable alternative that can replace polyethylene in contemporary construction.

Plan rapproché de mains tenant un morceau de plancher au-dessus d'une membrane au sol

The Slim line (Oldroyd Xs) membrane is made of polypropylene and equipped with several drainage cavities and embossed with a pattern of X-shaped lines. These lines form a network so that the moisture can move around under the membrane. The possible application is to install the Slim line membrane over an old concrete slab or under a new concrete slab with self-adhesive tape on the joints. Protected in this way, this membrane will decrease the moisture from the ground under the slab and will bring you unmatched comfort. It also acts as protection in a complete system of reducing radon gas.

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