Alain Roux, Piedmont

Hi Martin, just a short follow-up after the work done at our home on August 10. I am VERY SATISFIED. First, your team of August 10 did a professional job and I thank them (please let them know that). Since then, I’ve noticed it’s rained a lot the past 2 weeks and particularly today when there was a real downpour… The system is working very well. The water from the 2 slopes of the north roof and therefore the 2 gutters (front and back) flow through the 6-in tube towards the small rocky basin at the front of the property, and then when that overflows during heavy rain, it overflows towards the driveway and the street: a real small river, I didn’t think the gutters drained that much… The basement is dry, and the 2 sump pumps are completely dry! Actually, you should think of getting a patent for this system! Thanks a lot for everything, and hoping it will last!

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