Catch basin installation

Avoid flooding and significant financial costs by installing a catch basin and sump pump in your basement.

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In Quebec, basement flooding is very common. Our climate leads to periods of freezing and thawing, causing the snow to melt rapidly in the spring. In addition, we regularly experience heavy precipitation that quickly raises the water table. In addition, there are many constructions built along the banks of waterways. 

Finally, large quantities of water are naturally present in our soils, which is why it is necessary to proceed to the installation of catchment basins or sump pumps.

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The repercussions of basement flooding

Flooding can result in significant health and financial repercussions on homes as well as their owners. By carrying out a catch basin installation, you drastically minimize the risk of flooding.

  • Degradation of foundations, installations, and equipment located in the basement
  • Significant loss in value of the home
  • Increased insurance premiums 
  • Development of mould and rot that are harmful to health
  • Bad odours
  • Increase in health problems such as breathing difficulties and allergies
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Groupe Durasec has chosen LIBERTY pumps for their reliability and efficiency. It is essential to channel the water from the drain to an indoor or outdoor accumulation basin and it is the collection basin that fulfills this function. It collects the water coming from the drain, and contains a gravity or mechanical system (pump) to evacuate the water towards an outlet. 

Needless to say, a backflow protection valve completes the system. The watertight cover also reduces the humidity coming from the tank. Call on Groupe Durasec for the installation of your catch basin or sump pump and have peace of mind for years to come!

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5 installation options available :
  • Gravity: When the rain or sewer pipes are 14 inches lower than the top of the slab, it is possible to evacuate the water by gravity. We install a catch basin, a check valve, an inverted T and an air-tight cover.
  • Interior with submersible pump: This option is the most common when the exit pipe, either the sewers or storm drain, is higher than the entrance to the French drain in the catch basin.
  • Exterior with pump: When it’s impossible to install an interior catch basin, the option of the exterior pumping station becomes the best choice. The pump is designed to be outside and includes an alarm that must be installed inside your house by a master electrician.
  • The backup submersible pump: In certain cases, it’s better to invest to guard against power outages. The long-lasting emergency battery supplies 24 to 48 hours of power following an interruption or an outage of the main pump or the power company.
  • Gravity with exterior connection to the sewer: This option is the last to use when the sewer or storm drain is lower than the French drain and there’s no way of installing an interior catch basin. This option makes it difficult to fully clean the French drain or to follow inspection procedures.

Catch bassin

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First, let’s talk about the location of the catch basin. The location of the basin is often determined during a visit from a Groupe Durasec representative. They will choose the precise optimal location and will advise the customer. 

The ideal location for the catch basin installation is generally along an exterior foundation wall and near a 110V power outlet, if a pump is planned.

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Here are the different installation steps :
  • Sawing the concrete of the slab, combined with our dust vacuum system
  • Crushing the concrete of the slab, combined with our dust vacuum system
  • Manual excavation
  • Positioning the catch basin
  • Drilling
  • Installing the outlet pipe
  • Setting the stone
  • Installing the pump or gravity system, along with the airtight cover
  • Concreting
  • Cleaning the worksite

Exterior pumping station

It’s always better to have access to the exterior drainage system, especially when it’s necessary to perform maintenance during the winter. On the other hand, it’s sometimes impossible to install an interior catch basin due to the configuration or finishing of the basement. That’s when we install an exterior pumping station. 

The station is made up of concrete or plastic and is installed deep enough into the ground to avoid freezing. A pump and an alarm are located inside the station. The help of an electrician may be required to complete the electrical installation. The alarm will let you know if there’s a breakdown in the pump, which is guaranteed for 2-years.

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