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French drain maintenance

The purpose of the French drain

The French drain plays an essential role in protecting your home. It prevents, among other things, water infiltration, excess water, humidity and mould. To increase its efficiency and preserve its life span, it is recommended to clean and inspect the drain regularly, at least once a year.

French drain system cleaning is a task that must be performed on an annual basis when the drain is located in soil where iron ochre is present. Several techniques are used to verify the condition of the drain, including camera inspection. To find out how the French drain is cleaned or to clean it yourself, do not hesitate to contact our experts. They will be pleased to help you.

Un technicien déroule une caméra dans un drain français
To ensure optimal performance

When properly maintained, your drain will do its job without causing any problems. However, if not properly cleaned, your French drain installation will not function properly and will gradually lose its effectiveness, which will increase the risk of water damage and may result in significant costs. 

This is why it is essential to proceed with French drain cleaning, usually in the spring, when the snowmelt and heavy rain period begins. With Quebec winters, it is absolutely necessary to perform this step in order to preserve the foundations of your property.

When you decide that a French drain cleaning is necessary, it is possible and recommended to perform a camera inspection to verify whether the cleaning has been carried out completely (this step requires a small supplement). To achieve effective cleaning, we use precision tools that exert a water pressure of 3,500 lbs.

Drainage Access Chimney

Une personne tient un assemblage de tuyau de drain français dans ses mains près d'une fondation
Drain access chimneys, for easy maintenance

The installation of drain access chimneys is extremely practical because it eliminates the need to dig up the drainage system for inspection and cleaning. This process will save you time and money in the future maintenance of your drain and give you peace of mind when you check its performance.

The drainage access chimneys are all strategically placed. The mesh cover is also easy to handle. The chimneys provide quick access to the drain to perform an inspection and check the condition.

Trust Groupe Durasec to proceed with the installation of drainage access chimneys, which will undoubtedly facilitate future interventions, if necessary.

Tuyau de drain français au fond d'une tranchée
Causes requiring French drain cleaning

Several external factors influence the condition and function of your French drain. If water flow is not optimal, it’s time to call one of our experts for a French drain cleaning. Common causes include :

  • Accumulation of materials of all kinds, such as sand, earth or other, which can significantly reduce the life of your drain.
  • Tree roots and vegetation increase the deterioration of your drain. Soil sediments then infiltrate the French drain, reducing the space inside. It’s important to clean your drain before it clogs.
  • The type of soil can greatly influence the function of your drain. Clay or sandy soils have the opposite effect on drainage capacity. It is therefore necessary to know the type of soil where the drain is installed in order to compensate for the different weather conditions.

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