Camera inspection : technology and efficiency

To verify the proper functioning of your French drain, we offer you our French drain inspection service by high definition video camera, performed by a specialized team.


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Camera inspection

Un plombier fait l'inspection d'un drain français grâce à une caméra
What is the use of a camera inspection?

The first step is to check the condition and operation of the French drain to identify the causes of poor performance or water infiltration. The inspection of the French drain allows us to estimate if it is necessary to replace the drain or if we can simply clean it. 

Simple, fast and efficient, the camera test has become the ideal way to ensure the condition of a drain for periodic control, maintenance or an inspection in the event of the sale of a property.

How does a camera inspection work?

Our specialist inspects and assesses the nature of your land as well as the work to be undertaken in order to perform the test. To carry out the French drain camera inspection, an access well is dug and chimneys are installed and connected to your French drain (we can also go through the catch basin). 

When excavating the well, we collect all the information necessary to determine the configuration and efficiency of your drainage system. This information includes, among others:

  • the exact depth, layout and type of drain used;
  • the nature of the soil around the perimeter of your foundation walls;
  • the thickness, quantity, quality and type of drainage that was used.
Un technicien déroule une caméra dans un drain français

One of our specialized technicians will insert the camera into the drain and record its progress, centimeter by centimeter, in order to detect the slightest anomaly. The camera’s progress is monitored live on site and the recording is then studied in our offices. The final analysis is provided to you in a detailed report with a copy of the recording as well as our estimate for any corrections to be made, if necessary.

Once the camera inspection of the French drain is completed, the access chimneys remain in place. This allows you to perform periodic inspections or drain cleanings at your convenience without the need to perform new work.

Un technicien inspecte un drain français avec une caméra

Plus, if you have an iron ochre problem, the drainage access chimneys are an excellent way to clean your drains easily at the recommended frequencies as well as at a lower cost. We can also locate pipes through a concrete slab or earth in order to assess their depth. 

For more information or if you are planning to have a French drain camera inspection, contact us or complete an online quote request today. We will gladly offer you our expertise and find a solution tailored to your specific needs.

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