French drain repair : maintenance is the key!

You can expect long-lasting French drain repairs that will keep you dry for many years. Learn more about government assistance programs that may be available to you!


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Optimal repairs

How do I know if I need to repair my french drain?

There are several warning signs that can help you detect whether your French drain needs repair or maintenance. For example, if you observe a high level of humidity during the thaw period or during heavy rains, or if cracks appear repeatedly, these are important signs that should not be ignored. Failure to do so could result in significant financial costs, stress and the need for expert assistance.

To reduce the risk of future repairs, it is necessary to maintain the drainage system at the base of your home. Following our specialist’s diagnosis, you can proceed with the repair or replacement of your French drain, depending on the best option available to you. Groupe Durasec’s experts have all the qualifications required to make the necessary repairs related to water infiltration.

Un plombier fait l'inspection d'un drain français grâce à une caméra
To avoid repairs

Under normal circumstances, the French drain has an average lifespan of about 30 years, and can simply become clogged or broken at any time. If it is improperly installed, has poor drainage or contains iron ochre, the drain will need to be repaired. It will therefore be necessary to excavate around the foundations, more precisely along the foundation walls.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art system, we can check the overall condition of the entire drainage system by going through the following key steps: 

  • An inspection before starting any work to assess the job to be done
  • The analysis of the entire drainage system and the collection of technical data such as the French drain used, the type of soil, the depth at which the drain is installed, etc.
  • The interior verification of the French drain with the help of a camera inspection 
  • The diagnosis and submission of a report to the client

To avoid having to repair your French drain, it is a good idea to perform an annual maintenance. This way, you will keep your property completely watertight, and you will be sure that it performs its duties in an optimal manner. We can improve its efficiency by applying a geotextile membrane.

Even once repaired, it will be important to have your French drain cleaned at least once a year, normally at the arrival of spring. Contact the experts at Groupe Durasec quickly before noticing the alarming signals arising from the deterioration of your French drain. We can develop a quote adapted to your specific situation.

French drain

Case number 1 :

The building has one or two shared walls and we want to connect the exterior back and/or front drain to a single catch basin in order to allow the excess water to drain away.

Case number 2 :

The building is located on a sloping street and the water is coming from a neighbour whose basement floor is higher than our building.

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