French drain replacement : identifying problems

You can save yourself many financial problems and hassles by replacing your French drain or interior drain at the first sign of deterioration.


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When does the replacement become necessary?

Why is it necessary to replace the French drain? The drain and the waterproofing membrane are essential to the preservation of your property. In simple terms, these elements protect and waterproof your foundation – and the basement – from potential damage such as water infiltration, mould growth, and more.

There are many problems with French drains, including snowmelt. Each year, many homeowners discover unexpected and often very costly surprises both inside and outside their property. Even with annual maintenance, the drainage system has a lifespan and will eventually require replacement. We often find that the drain begins to wear out after about 25 years of continuous operation, or about half of its useful life.

The cost of installing a French drain in Quebec is a necessary investment to keep your home safe and dry, which is why you should entrust this complex procedure to Groupe Durasec to secure a high quality service that will protect your property for many years.

How do we proceed with the replacement?

The diagnosis is clear! You have to replace your French drain. In the next few days or even weeks, a major work site will take place all around the foundations of your house. To allow the ground to drain properly, you will have to wait at least one year before redeveloping it or re-earthing it.

As this is a costly and complex operation that requires specific experience, doing business with a company like Groupe Durasec is a true guarantee of quality. In addition, we take great care of your current landscaping to preserve it as much as possible.

Changing or installing a geotextile membrane will certainly give you peace of mind for many years. Why not install the Rub-R-Wall membrane, which adheres perfectly to the foundation thanks to its spray application? Once dry, it waterproofs the foundation in a 1 mm thick layer. Rub-R-Wall is a waterproofing solution that pays off in the long run.

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