Radon detection

Test, measurement et detection
of radon in your home


Is there an intruder in your home?

Only a test will confirm the level of RADON present in your home.

  • Do you have a basement?
  • Do you spend over four hours a day in your basement or even sleep there?
  • Is your health important to you?

If you answered yes to these questions, have your house tested to know if you need to take corrective action.


Test with ALPHA-TRACK AT-100 results in 90 days, report included: $40+tx


Test with RADON SCOUT, results in 48 hours, report included: starting at $199.99+tx

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You’ve tested your residence or building, and the results exceeded Health Canada standards? Groupe Durasec can install a system that will allow you to reduce your exposure to RADON.

Our goal is to bring your level of exposure down to an ideal target of 0 Bq/m3.


The quality of our installation and the choice of materials ensure that you’ll enjoy peace of mind. Also, with each installation carried out by Groupe Durasec, we provide a small device that helps check if the system is fulfilling its role: to protect you.