Radon detection : When health is at stake

To find out if your home’s indoor environment contains radon, there is only one thing to do: take measurements and test.


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Measuring radon

Infographie démontrant la propagation du radon jusqu'à la maison
Is there an intruder in your home?

The only way to confirm the level of RADON present in your home is to test. Therefore, you should measure the radon concentration in your home if:

  • You have a basement
  • You spend over four hours a day in your basement or even sleep there
  • Your health important to you

If you answered yes to any of these questions, get your home tested now to see if you need to take action. Be aware that radon in the air poses health risks. High levels of radon could lead to various diseases, such as lung cancer. In fact, it is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.

Test with ALPHA-TRACK AT-100, results in 90 days, report included: $40 +tx

Test with RADON SCOUT, results in 48 hours, report included: starting at $199.99+tx

Call us now at 450 420-1888 to proceed to the radon detection in your property! To discover the causes of radon in your home, read the following article!

Un spécialiste utilise un instrument sur un tuyau de plomberie gris

You’ve tested your residence or building, and the results exceeded Health Canada standards? Groupe Durasec can install a system that will allow you to reduce your exposure to RADON.

Our goal is to bring your level of exposure down to an ideal target of 0 Bq/m3. This is why we must proceed rapidly to radon detection.

The quality of our installation and the choice of materials ensure that you’ll enjoy peace of mind. Also, with each installation carried out by Groupe Durasec, we provide a small device that helps check if the system is fulfilling its role: to protect you and your family!

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