Waterproofing fondation



Water is a ubiquitous element
in the surroundings of your home.

The land surrounding your home already contains natural moisture. It must also properly drain sudden water flows from rainfalls, snowmelt, runoff from the roof, or even the watering of your yard. Your home may also be located in a floodplain or near a ground water table, making it so that your land quickly soaks up water. It is essential to protect your foundation walls according to the specifics of your property to ensure that your home stays dry.

From a perspective of sustainable development and eco-friendly construction, the number 1 choice is definitely the product Rub-R-Wall!

Why is it important to waterproof your foundations?


Waterproofing for foundation walls is often overlooked by manufacturers in favour of a simple tarring, which is certainly economic but is not resistant to cracks and damage in the long run. Tarring is not enough if there is a constant presence of water and moisture around the foundation. Only waterproofing can counteract these effects. It is a life-long protection that you can provide to your home as well as your own health.


durasec imperméabilisation de coffrage


This method is commonly used for foundation walls.
durasec coffrage isolant


Made up of a polystyrene panel expanded on each side connected to each other, which receives the concrete during casting.
durasec fondation de pierre


Stone foundation of small and large dimension joined together with mortar.
durasec fondation de bloc de béton


Foundation made up of a series of hollow concrete blocks joined together with mortar.
durasec cuvelage


Technique used to make foundations completely waterproof in flood-prone areas.
durasec commmercial


Viaducts, bridges, institutional


A comprehensive solution
With the waterproof Rub-R-Wall membrane, your foundations are completely isolated from the ground. Elastic, it may restrain spalling concrete and even cracks reaching 3.2 millimetres (1/8 inch) in width. When the Geo-Wrap drainage board is placed over the Rub-R-Wall membrane, it protects the Rub-R-Wall against any risk of deterioration and improves the drainage of runoff water along foundations.
durasec une solution sans goudron
A tar-free solution

Although it is a technique that causes pollution and is not as effective in the short or long term, tarring and the bitumen-based membrane are often proposed as a waterproofing solution. At Groupe Durasec we will offer you the Tar-Free Solution, in fact; the RUB-R-WALL membrane does not contain anything derived from tar. Tested in a laboratory, it will remain extensible and will keep its grip for a minimum of 100 years (ASTM D412, ASTM D2240 tests).

durasec travaux d’imperméabilisation avec la membrane Rub-R-Wall

After waterproofing work with the Rub-R-Wall membrane, there’s a lot less humidity in the air at their homes. In fact, while people who have a dehumidifier generally accumulate on average one tank’s worth of water per day, in most cases they now accumulate one every two weeks.


Durasec’s exclusive technique offers you waterproofing that will protect your house from any risk of infiltration over its total lifespan.Ideally, this step will be taken when building the house, but if waterproofing has not been done at this time, it’s still possible to make this improvement at any time, regardless how old your house is. If you also combine this with a drainage system adapted to the flows on your land, you will be assured of giving your property a promising future.