Foundation waterproofing : a sustainable solution

Groupe Durasec protects and waterproofs your home’s foundation in a durable and efficient way.


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Why waterproofing?

Water is an omnipresent element in your home’s environment.

The ground surrounding your home naturally contains moisture. It must also properly drain sudden water flows such as precipitation, snowmelt, roof runoff or lawn watering. Your home may also be located in a flood zone or near a water table, which can lead to waterlogging. 

To keep your home safe and dry, it is essential to protect your foundation walls according to the specifics of your property with the help of proven foundation waterproofing processes. Whether it’s with a geotextile membrane or an elastomeric membrane, we are the company you need to solve any infiltration problem.

When it comes to sustainability and ecological construction, the number one choice is without a doubt the Rub-R-Wall product!
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Why is waterproofing so important?

Foundation waterproofing is often overlooked by builders and substituted with simple tarring. This is an economical solution, but it does not resist cracking of the concrete foundation or weather damage and does not effectively protect against the constant water and moisture around the foundation.

Waterproofing is the only way to eliminate this problem – it’s a lifetime protection for your home and the best choice for your health. This solution will protect you from the risk of water infiltration.

Is it suitable for different uses?

Conventional formwork

This method of waterproofing is commonly used for foundation walls of residential and commercial buildings.

Insulating concrete formwork

Consists of a panel of expanded polystyrene assembled on each side, which supports the concrete when it is poured.

Moellon - Foundation stone

This is a stone foundation composed of small and large dimensions that are joined with mortar.

Concrete block

We offer waterproofing for all foundations composed of multiple hollow concrete blocks joined with mortar.

Tanking - foundation

This technique is used to make foundations completely waterproof in flood-prone and high-risk areas.


The waterproofing of commercial or institutional buildings, or infrastructures such as overpasses or bridges.

The Groupe Durasec method

Rub-R-Wall: a complete solution for foundation waterproofing

The Rub-R-Wall waterproofing membrane ensures that your foundation is completely waterproof against the surrounding soil. The membrane is elastic and can contain concrete spalls and even cracks up to 3.2 mm (1/8″) wide. When the Geo-Wrap drain is installed over the Rub-R-Wall membrane, it protects it against any risk of deterioration, in addition to improving the flow of runoff water along the foundation towards the French drain.

A tar-free solution

Although this technique is not environmentally friendly and less effective in the short or long term, tar and bitumen-based membranes are often recommended as a waterproofing solution for foundations.

At Groupe Durasec, we offer you the tar-free and non-polluting alternative! The Rub-R-Wall membrane contains no tar by-products. Laboratory tested, it remains extensible and retains its adhesion for a minimum of 100 years (ASTM D412, ASTM D2240 test).

What our customers say about us...

After waterproofing your foundation with the Rub-R-Wall membrane, there is much less moisture in the air in one’s home. In fact, people who own a dehumidifier accumulate an average of one tank of water per day, and most people now accumulate a tank every two weeks.

By entrusting your work to Groupe Durasec, you are guaranteed impeccable quality and precision, especially when you opt for a type of membrane that offers a high level of efficiency.

How waterproofing works

Discover the foundation waterproofing process and how every material works

Rub-R-Wall waterproof and elastic membrane pulverized on foundation


Geo-Wrap drainage panel protecting the Rub-R-Wall membrane


Water flows down the Goe-Wrap panel towards the French drain


Levelling support strip, sealed with caulking


Goetextile prevents soil buildup in the French drain




Geotextile push back the soil around the drain, even down to the footing


Draining rock covering the French drain


Rigid French drain to keep excess water away from the foundation

The results of a good seal

The exclusive technique offered by Groupe Durasec offers you waterproofing that protects your home from all risks of infiltration, for its entire lifespan.

Ideally, this step is done during construction, but if the waterproofing has not been done at this time, it is also possible to make this improvement at any time, regardless of the age of your home. If you add a drainage system adapted to the flows of your land, you will be sure to offer a sustainable future to your property.

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